That’s what the last 2 days have felt like!

Started off Friday morning with a massive Charlie horse on Friday morning.  It hurt so bad, that I rubbed it out and then just got up and got ready for work and went in early.  Lots of complicated stuff going on at work.  It was non-stop on Friday, but I HAD to leave on time.

Stopped at AK’s on the way home for a quick run/therapy.  I think running and talking is great for the soul.  She has the patience of a saint with me.  I unloaded on her about work stuff and how I was nervous about the “inlaws” coming.  I love them, but it’s always stressful for me.

Stop at the store, all hot and sweaty to pick up last minutes staples.  Dan calls and says they will be home in 30 minutes!  I then began running around like a chicken with no head.

Groceries put away, car unloaded from work and other stuff.  Dishes were done in record time, guest room bed remade with clean linens.  I was finishing the pillows on the bed when both Dan and his dad pulled up.  Ran across the house for a shower.  I hadn’t planned on dinner with them, so I was just going to eat at home. Change of plans.  We’ll just say that it suddenly was an issue that I wasn’t going, so we went somewhere else (Rudy’s).  I was reminded that I am NOT as picky as Dan says I am (his mom is far more, but not in the same way), although I know I am VERY picky and snobbish when it comes to food.

We visited after dinner and watched slideshows from our vacation.  I got to bed about 2 hours AFTER I should have.

Got up dark and early and went for my long with AK.  She was going almost twice as far as me, but the company and the alone time were a good mix (we did out and back).  For the first time since LUNA Summit in SF in April, I did 10 miles.  The last mile, I was really tight, but i’d been wanting 10 for a while.  I am not training for anything, but I just wanted to be able to do 10 again. (I’d done 8 every long run since April 1).  I am pleased,  Mission accomplished!  🙂

It was super hot and humid and super challenging, but it felt good.  Came back to the house and had coffee and chatted with Dan’s dad for a good two hours before Dan woke up.

Great weekend so far, although Dan is mad because Missy scratched his dad this morning.  She just gets like that on the rare occasion when you don’t pet her right. I feel bad, but Dan is pretty furious with her.

Off to work on my Girl Scout sleepover planning homework and think about what to serve my guests for lunch!


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