Things I like Thursday: Feeling good

I stopped the estrogen on Saturday.

Started feeling better on Tuesday.

Doesn’t really solve the low estrogen issue, but it did solve some other things.

I don’t feel 100%, but at least I am not going to sleep at 7:30 pm and I was able to get back to a regular workout and extra-curricular routine!    Sleep and waking my whole body up is still a huge issue, like it has been, but i’m improving in other areas.

I go back to the Endocrinologist in July (soonest I could get) to review labs i’ll do in a few weeks, plus another round of ultrasounds.  This time maybe they’ll look more at the Hashimoto’s, since we aren’t looking at any tests for the adenoma.

On to other things….Gearing up for the weekend.  Dan’s parents arrive Friday night and stay until Thursday morning.  I really like them, although I am still nervous to be around them.  I still get the impression every time I see Dan’s mom that she’s disappointed I didn’t make her son healthy.  He is the only person who can do that.  I learned a long time ago, that I can’t force anything on anyone and while he may eat what I eat at home, he eats 1-2 meals a day out and I do not influence his decisions.

I am hoping for a fun weekend away from work and life’s stresses!  I am sure we will have a great time catching up and taking them sight-seeing on Sunday.


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