What’s in/on your desk?

I’ve seen the what’s in your purse, wallet, drawer, gym bag, etc.  What about your desk?

People find my desk amusing for some reason around my office.  To a normal person, I guess there are some odd things in/on my desk.

Yes. I try to be prepared for emergency snacks, food, etc.  Sometimes I forget to replace things.  Seeing this photo, reminds me, time for more pepper!  These two photos are just of one of my overhead bins (I have 3 large ones).  Only one has the food and food stuff in it.  The other 2 actually contain work items.

Olive oil, coasters,  pepper grinder, snacks, utensils, toaster oven pan, drinkware, paper plates, teas, and in the blue bowl there are snacks, condiments, and other random things. Oh and sunscreen, that’s behind my food too, needed to be upright so it didn’t leak.

I also take my reusable stuff home at least once a week to wash in the dishwasher.  I wash things at work, but going through the dishwasher to me makes it seem way more clean!

And then there are my quirky desk-top items.  My good luck 3 legged pig (blogged about him before).   The flamingo is new.  My coworker was trying to make people smile 🙂

And my little cove of stuff I bring from home.  It’s not unusual for me to carry a purse, lunchbox, and 2 bags in the am.  I think half the building probably thinks I live at work.  I have a fruit bowl, but I don’t keep fruit in it anymore, because we had a fly problem at one time.  So now it holds random stuff.

What’s in your desk?



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