Recipe Review: Mexi-Potato

I made this up.  I think it’s a hybrid between the Jamaican Sweet Potato and the Nacho Spuds.

Behold, the Mexi-Potato, aka Mexican Sweet Potato?  Nacho Sweet Potato?  Taco Potato?

You get the drift.

  • baked sweet potato-halved, break up insides
  • taco/nacho fixings (get creative beans, meat, veggies, etc)
  • cheese, sour cream-both optional

Dress the potato like you would nachos or a taco.  Broil in oven or nuke in microwave.

My little gem has green onions, green chilies, EVOO, bell peppers, mushrooms, lean and spicy taco meat (from venison this time), Nacho Momma’s Queso.

WW P+ would vary on the size and type of your potato, and the quantity and type of your toppings.  My potato was about 10 P+ and worth every one 🙂


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