Life’s little blessings

Great Saturday afternoon, celebrating the upcoming arrival of our friends Kristi and Devon’s little blessing!  The little guy is scheduled to arrive at the end of June.

They are the first ones in our immediate Austin friends to have kids.  Ironically enough, they are also the youngest in our group.  That baby boy is going to be SO spoiled between all of our friends 🙂

Their house is really coming along, you may remember we helped them move in a few months ago.  Momma has nested and the place looks great!

Kristi’s parents really overdid themselves on the food.  BBQ galore.  I wound up eating dinner at 4:30, because that’s when everyone else ate.  Good thing lunch was early!  

They are almost ready with the little guy’s room, just some odds and ends to go.

 We gave them a gift card to Target to finish up whatever they needed.

And a box of Thin Mints!  Kristi told me a few months ago how upset she was that cookie season was over.  I sought out and saved her a box!

Good times, met some new people, which was also fun.  Missed some of our friends that were out of town for graduations, weddings, etc.

Can’t wait for the little guy to be here! I need to get together with a few people to start planning ahead to stock mommy and daddy to be’s freezer with food, since they’ll have no time and energy to cook 🙂  Hayjay, Trisha, etc, I am talking to you here! 1 month to go.


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