What matters most

It’s been a rough month for some of my pet owner friends 😦

At the beginning of the month, Terra lost her long time kitty friend.

Then last week, a few more people I know had bad pet news…

Yesterday, my friend and LUNA teammate Cindy had to put down their long-time dog-pal Murphy.  Mike, Cindy, and their daughter love pets.  They’d had to put down another pet last year and then again yesterday.  They have 1 dog remaining, that isn’t taking the loss well either.

I sometimes think about how Missy and Chanel are older, and I burst into tears, especially if I am talking to Dan about them.  I’ve had them both forever and love them dearly.

I’m a horrible mom. Yesterday I forgot to get the cats food until they were completely out. I was reminded of this when they scarfed the remaining food down so fast, that it caused “gifts” left all over my carpet because they ate too much too fast.  I couldn’t even be upset.  It was my fault and I am lucky to have 2 healthy and happy kitties.

Here is Missy helping me work on Monday morning during the “I have to work from home because we don’t have a front door fiasco.”

She was worn out by time we ate dinner, she worked way too hard!

I wasn’t feeling well yesterday after work.  The muscle and joint fatigue has continued to be a huge issue this week, along with other issues.  Last night I ate dinner and then watched crap tv with Missy.  We cuddled on the couch for a few hours.

Happiness.  I need to remind myself how lucky I am to have them in my life, even if it’s a short while.


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