Recipe Review: Italian Zucchini Boats

Super easy use for the zucchini out of my dad’s garden.  Thanks dad!

Talk about a random throw together that worked out great.  I’ve made Mexican calabacitas on the grill before, but this was all indoors, took 10 minutes and tasted wonderful.

  • zucchini, sliced length wise, seeds scooped out.  Make the “boat”
  • Protein source plus veggies.  Could use meat, beans, or tofu.  I added onions and sausage (chicken and fontina sausage, it’s what I had)
  • cheese
  • pasta sauce
  • spinach

I cooked the sausage and veggies, shoved them into the boat,  spooned on some pasta sauce, then sprinkled with cheese.  I’d originally planned to roast the boats first, but I was hungry and didn’t want to wait that long.  Broiled in the oven until the cheese melted and then served over spinach.  Next time i’ll brown the cheese more.

Super easy and healthy.  That’s RF mozzarella, we don’t do fat free cheese in this house.  It’s always RF or the regular stuff.  Dan loves his cheese and I wouldn’t force the fat free stuff on him.  He doesn’t usually eat zucchini, but when there’s meat and cheese, with an Italian spin, he’s happy.

Versatile recipe, could be made to be Mexican (use salsa and different cheese), Greek (use different spices, meat, and some feta), etc.

The way I made these, they were 6 Weight Watchers Points Plus, your ingredients and modifications may vary the recipe.  I usually try to eat about 10 P+ for dinner, if not more, so there was some EVOO added to mine after they were plated.  Great source of many Good Health Guidelines!


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