It’s been a hard week

And i’m not just whining about work.

Tuesday it stormed all day long.  Canceled our run and while the core group was happy because no one wanted to get out in the traffic disasters, some were not.  Had to deal with backlash from that.  I started feeling poorly around 2 that day, which only compounded as time went on.  Add in the fact that my usual 30 minute commute took 1.5 hours in the sloppy weather, not happy.  Unplanned day of rest.

Wednesday I woke up weak with a sore throat, chalked it up to running out of Allegra.  All day work conference went fine, got through my first of FIVE presentations in three days.  Mandatory happy hour after work with our 200 guests (which I found out about at 5 pm), got home at 8.  I attempted a run then, and was paranoid the whole time.  Heavy legs and weakness that I thought would pass and never did.

Same old story Thursday.  Same sore throat and weakness, despite more Allegra.  Three more presentations down, all before lunch.  Could barely walk by the end of the day.  I am glad Dirty River Boys at Shady Grove got cancelled due to weather, because I was DEAD.  I lied around and got caught up on work emails and was lazy instead that evening.

Friday, allergies better, but the weakness is not.  I am convinced now that the issues come in cycles.  This is the worst joint and muscle fatigue i’ve had in a while (proceeding weeks were fine or just joints).  I am trying to convince the Dr. to let me do blood and urine tests when I feel this coming on again.

There were positives too, despite how my body felt, mentally I felt GREAT!  Dan is done with classes until the fall.  I got to see many great coworkers from all over the great state of Texas.  Was overwhelmed by the compliments I received on my work from people I’ve either never met or seldom see.  Tons of great feedback on my LUNA events I helped put on last week.

Fingers crossed for a good weekend and getting more strength back.  Yard work and house chores planned, although its SUPER muddy outside and there is more rain predicted tonight.  I need to finish the giant mess I made in our backyard a few weeks ago 😉


One thought on “It’s been a hard week

  1. Lavonne says:

    I’m sorry you’re feeling crappy and they can’t figure it out. Be your own advocate – get the doctor to take blood/urine! You know something is going on.

    Thinking of you!

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