Getting in those healthy fats

Healthy fats are important, not just because the media, Weight Watchers, and other sources say so.  It’s a scientific FACT.

Having trouble getting in all your healthy oils? Here are some ideas. You only need to eat 2 tsp of oil per day. (1 teaspoon is a serving), So you can get it in throughout the day.
Healthy oils are: olive oil, canola, sunflower, safflower or flaxseed.
FYI: Fish oils, Oil capsules, Avocados, peanut butter, nuts, etc, do NOT count towards WW healthy oils requirements. Only the pourable kind count.  The other oils aren’t a bad idea, they just do not count for the WW guidelines (I personally incorporate most of those too)

Originally posted by Awsum34  (unfortunately they passed away, but their great oil advice lives on…)
1) Cook with it, Alot of recipes start off with oil in the skillet
2) Mix up a marinade for meats and/or veggies
3) Mix it with meat sauces, or most sauces
4) Sautee with it.
5) Drizzle over pasta
6) Drizzle over popcorn
7) Drizzle over veggies
8) Drizzle over pizza
9) Drizzle over corn on the cob
10) Drizzle some over fat free cheese(it helps melt better)
11) Mix up some salad dressing (like olive oil and balsamic vinegar)
12) Rub it on poultry or fish before baking it
13) Rub it on meats for the spices and/or rubs have something to stick to
14) Rub some on a baked potato
15) Grill sandwiches
16) Stir Fry veggies
17) Coat some homemade baked fries
18) Makes garlic toast, (oil and garlic on bread toast)
19) Add some to soups
20) Add some to smoothies
21) Mix 2 tsps olive oil to fat-free salad dressing
22) Add to anything that is fat-free. instead of the fat, you’re replacing it with healthy oils
23) Roast veggies with oil
24) Mix canola oil to oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, soups
25) put some in salsa
26) If you eat frozen dinners, drizzle some over it.
27) make some Herb or Spice Infused Oil, (for dipping or cooking)
28) Mix in some Butter Buds or Molly McButter, you’ll have butter flavored oils.

Some of those I would use or do, I don’t much that is fat free, so those I don’t personally do.

My favorite ways:  Drizzling on salad, making dressing with oil and flavored mustard or herbs, stir-frys, and ROASTING things!

I actually keep a small bottle of olive oil in my desk at work, I have 3 different types of oils at home to cook with (canola, coconut, EVOO).  Most restaurants have oil and vinegar sets for their salads.  Even if you don’t eat a salad, you can still ask them to bring it out.

At Italian restaurants, since I can’t eat bread, I’ll use of the untouched dipping oil to pour on my food.  It’s flavored, healthy fat goodness!

I’ll admit, I didn’t really pay attention to the healthy fats when I was losing and it’s a big mistake.  Your body needs healthy fat for proper function.  These days I am for at least 3 servings of healthy fat per day, at least 2 of those meeting the WW standards.  In addition to the WW standards I usually have coconut oil, some sort of Omega 3 oil, avocado, nuts, or nut butter.



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