The Monday that kept giving

My PC at work died on Monday.  I got it back Thursday evening.  This wasn’t my fault, the weekend upgrade that it loaded killed it.

I didn’t really need a computer on Tuesday, because I was presenting at a conference.

Wednesday I take my work laptop.  It goes down (also not me).  There was a point where I had no computer for 3 hours.  Everything I needed to do was on the computer/server.  I sat in traffic for 70 minutes to go to the Luke’s Happy Hour and pickup stuff from Megan.  Forgot my bra, so I ran in a regular one, not pretty (halfway through the run, my dazed self realized I could have just bought one at Lukes!).  Return trip home was only 20 minutes, thank goodness.

Thursday I lost my phone on the way to work.  The same way I did before, the same EXACT place.  I had work, workout, and LUNA stuff that I was loading into the car and I ran back inside for my phone.  I had coffee in one hand and grabbed something else in the other, I don’t remember putting my phone on my car but I did.

I spent an hour looking for it where I knew it probably was at 4:45 am on the way to the gym.  Then I gave up, came home, got dressed, looked again.  Later I found an app that I could download remotely, found it on a map which it sent to me.  Before I got there, apparently Dan was already there!  He’d driven over there from work.  He found my phone AND the one I lost in February.  I am officially a moron.  It’s now a documented fact that when I am busy and distracted, I destroy things.

Couldn’t get out of bed Friday.   Finally drug myself out, I drank out of a glass cup, which I never do.  Packed my lunch, went to grab the bag and accidentally flung the glass across the kitchen and into a million pieces.

More crazy things happened on Friday.  I am just so glad it’s the weekend!  I SO need it.  Super crazy week next week.

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend 🙂


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