Monday mayhem

Today was a case of the Mondays for sure!

It started off well, hit the gym for some cardio cross on the stairmill.  I paged through 5 magazines briefly and then donated them to the gym’s stash.  I am uninterested in most of them, but felt I should at least page through them (I did rip out a few pages I wanted).   I need to not renew any magazines, I never read them.

Speaking of reading, I read Dan’s book on the trip in 2 sittings.  All In by Gene Chizik is a great book.  Yes, it’s about football, but it’s also about life, obstacles, and faith.  Even if you don’t like football, you can take away some great spiritual and life lessons from the book.  And, haha, Dan is still not even 1/3 of the way through the book.   I hadn’t even planned on reading his book, but once I read 2 pages, I was hooked.  I need to go ahead and buy some books to read and commit to reading them.  I love reading and I just don’t anymore.

Anyhow, back to Monday.  Got to work extra early, only to discover that my PC was dead.  Had to wait an hour for 8 am to roll around to call the help desk, which wasn’t helpful.  An hour later they came and took my PC, and I never saw it again.  Right before lunch I borrowed a company laptop (I don’t usually take mine in).  I’ll be taking it the rest of the week just in case.

In the 2 hours of waiting this morning, I ran errands to other buildings and got to see many old coworkers friends.  Made me realize I need to visit more often, I miss my friends in my old office.

In the afternoon I got an email with a mug shot, the face being someone I’ve done business with (not work related).  Nice.  Charged with theft.  Fabulous.  I tried doing more research on that, nothing determined yet.

As if my head didn’t hurt already from the morning, my coworker apparently has chosen to avoid a certain customer’s calls for a while.  That person got transferred to me and I got yelled at for 45 minutes.  This man was so mad that he couldn’t even catch his breath on his rant.  I felt badly that he was ignored, but the more I spoke to him, the more I figured out he was half crazy.  I handled it well, but it wasn’t pleasant.  Said coworker wasn’t there today, it’s probably a good thing I’m out of the office tomorrow, or I may actually say something to them.

Plus side is, although my back is sore, the rest of me feels better.  No more burning in my hands and my energy level was good.  My fingers are crossed that it stays that way 🙂  I’ve got a busy week ahead with tons of work and after work special events, I need all of the healthy I can get!


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