Things I like Thursday: Outside of comfort zones

I told Dan I thought we should zipline with 2 of the other girls in the wedding party while in Kauai.  Mostly because I know he would want to.  I had NO desire to go.  I don’t like fast or heights.

Much to my surprise, it was SO MUCH FUN!  I wasn’t scared at all.  Not even a little bit.  As soon as I was clipped in, I didn’t even hesitate and took off!

We did 8 lines total.  2 of them were REALLY long.  I did 1 backwards and 2 of them upside down.  The longest one, I could barely see all of the way across the canyon.

The last line wasn’t really a zipline, but a little hang line that dropped you into a lagoon.  The water felt great, although it was kind of cold!  I did the lagoon twice 🙂One of the coolest parts was that the estate the ziplining trek was on was the same mountains that Jurassic Park and like 10 other famous movies were filmed at.  It was GORGEOUS!

Proof that sometimes you really just need to do something to see if you like it or not.


3 thoughts on “Things I like Thursday: Outside of comfort zones

    • I hate rollercoasters! I don’t even like Jetskiing unless I can drive.

      The zodiac boat tour was way more scary than this. Mostly because it was jolting and hard on my back. I don;t have back issues, but I wasn’t sure I wasn’t going to get out of that one in 1 piece

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