WW What?

This is almost as bad as the lady who rode the Segway to the Weight Watchers meeting at another location…

There was plenty of parking, including handicap (which she wasn’t).  This woman chose to practically park on the doorstep.  That isn’t parking lot, that is fire lane.  Ironically enough, the meeting was about moving more and how to be flexible when life throws something in your way when trying to include activity.  Apparently life threw walking 20 feet from a parking spot in her way.

I don’t usually go to the meeting in Leander, I was quickly reminded why.  I won’t go into details.  It’s just not for me.  There is a huge difference between this meeting and meetings at an actual center.  I was in a time crunch though and this was close.

Rant over.  This woman hasn’t quite grasped the lifestyle change concept yet.


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