Very happy hour, or two

Had a great evening yesterday after work.  I took off a little bit early, to go run with AK from her house (it was all part of a plan).  She’s on her Boston Marathon taper right now. I told her I’d do whatever she needed to do for her run…this was her workout.

5 incredibly hot and sweaty miles.  My dumb self wore a navy blue shirt with sleeves, which didn’t really help things.  Plus Brushy Creek on the dam side provides no shade.  It was a good reminder of how I am not acclimated yet and it’s going to be a long hot summer.  It was only 90 at 5 pm when we started.  She started kicking it on the dam.  The only kicking I was doing was of my own rear end.

Went back to her house for the cool down and we were DRENCHED.  I was seriously dripping sweat all over her house.  I toweled off and rushed across the road to Z’Tejas where I was hosting a surprise happy hour/Boston Marathon pep-rally for her.

Unfortunately I was in the bathroom changing my shirt when they showed up!  She didn’t see my purse at the table though, so I was able to sneak up behind her and still get a reaction.  She was all smiles, made me so happy!

Great evening with the gals.  A little disappointed in the restaurants GF menu.  I ended up getting tuna and them just putting the sauces on the side.  There were no appetizers at all, a couple of salads, and then some big entrees.

We all wished her well and sent her off with hugs!  So proud of her!


One thought on “Very happy hour, or two

  1. I am so confused about how to dress myself for running right now LOL. It was hot then today it was barely 60 and I had to force myself not to wear sleeves. Funny how we forget 😉 Hate those trails with no shade relief. And that’s just an awesome thing to do for her – the party (and running with her of course).

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