Things I like Thursday: Team LUNA Chix

Since our season is getting ready to begin, i’ll put it out there to the blog world….Austin now has a Team LUNA Chix Run group.  It’s the only one in Texas.

In the fall I interviewed to bring a team to Austin and was granted 1 of the 2 new teams created in 2012.  I heard I beat out quite a few people, I was stoked.   Around Christmas I had to select my leadership team.  I picked the most diverse group I could.  We have all ages, skill levels, backgrounds, personal lives, etc.

I love it already and I can’t wait for our season to start!  For the team, the season starts with Diva Dash on April 21.  Unfortunately our vacation was already booked, so I have to miss the first event.  Group runs start April 24, which I will be back in time for.

Check out our events calendar, blog, and other fun stuff at

Also, “like” us on Facebook “LUNA Chix Austin Run” and on Twitter:  @LunaChixATXRun


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