Easter Blessings

Dan and I haven’t done traditional Easter celebrations for the last few years.    Last year we attended a baseball game.  This year we decided to have brunch with some of our Austin friends down south.

Hit the gym first, which was nice and empty.  My calves are knotty again 😦  I am going to blame that on why for the first time EVER, I lost my balance on the Bosu and had to jump off 😉  I foam rolled after that, but what it really needs is Trigger Point.

Then it was off to Heather’s house.  Dan had to wake up earlier than noon, lol!  He a good sport about it though and was a huge help prepping the salad for me while I made the guacamole (this took forever, we added a ton of stuff to the salad).  He is so precise and good at chopping, I need to recruit him more.  The guacamole which was a kit from HEB was very spicy and chunky (which I loved).  Glad I bought 4 of them and froze the others.

We all brought a few things, but Heather really outdid herself!  We had tons of different dipping options, dips, 2 kinds of REALLY spicy guacamole, 2 different types of hummus, veggies, pickled veggies, and more!  I think I ate most of that pickled okra 😉  And she got Baby Zach’s hummus and some gluten free options for dippers!  

Steak and lemon-rosemary chicken for the main dish.

I loved that chicken.  Grilled veggies are like crack, that’s why they are spilling all over my plate.

Fun filled Easter.  Dan and Devon are in the living room, along with my mega plate.

Cookies and cream ice cream cake for Dan’s birthday for dessert.  HUMPF!  He just had to pick a flavor of ice cream I can’t eat.

Had a great time!  Good call on whoever decided we needed to have a get-together.  Hopefully in the near future we’ll have a deck added to our house and be able to host outdoor fun.  We just need to convince everyone to drive up to where we live 😉

She said we could take leftovers home.  I hope I left enough for our other friends, I didn’t want to make dinner Sunday night OR lunch on Monday.

We’d planned on driving up to Florence after that (hour away) to meet his coworker and his family for some target practice, but we left too late.  Instead Dan took a nap and studied for his test.  I did laundry, extra-curricular activity work, and cleaned.  I tried to pack for our trip, but I ended up with a mess on my bed instead.

Not sure where the evening went, before I knew it, it was time for bed!  Great weekend for sure 🙂


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