Adventures in sushi

We ventured to Uchiko for Dan’s birthday dinner.  He said he wanted sushi, so I gave him sushi.

You know, it’s just a little joint in Central Austin that just happens to be owned by Tyson Cole, Austin’s first James Beard winner and where Paul Qui, Top Chef winner is the head chef 😉

While we waited to be seated, we hung out on their fun patio.  We got there early.  They open at 5 and they only take a handful of reservations a night and I couldn’t get one a week ago, so we opted to just wait.  My friend was right, get there before 6 and you will get in within an hour or so if you have only 2-4 people.

Adventures in sake, Dan’s first time.  I know NOTHING about sake.

I will say that I giggled.

Grilled edamame.  It’s GOOD.  Who would have thought grilling it would enhance the flavor so much?  And the smoke from the wood was great.  I want to grill some at home soon 😉

I opted for first available, which ended up being at the sushi bar.  I loved being able to watch and ask questions.  I am sure John, our sushi chef, was starting to be annoyed by me asking questions about what he was making.  No, I didn’t ask if Tyson or Paul were around.

I figure Paul was exhausted from it being Paul Qui day in Austin the day before 😉

#1 thing ordered on the menu?  Crispy Brussels sprouts.  They were amazing!  I have no idea what they did to them, but they were terrific.  I would say almost every table had at least one dish of these.

My favorite thing other than the sprouts, the hama chili, which is yel­low­tail sashimi, sliced thai chili, orange supremes.  I wanted to eat a pound of this and I didn’t want to share with Dan.  It was heavenly.

I’ve always wanted to do hot rock!  Apparently most of my friends have never heard of it, I guess I read and watch too much food stuff, ha!  Hot rock  “sear it your­self” wagyu beef, japanese river rock.

That was fun and delicious.  But both of us need chop-stick classes I think!

Two pieces of tuna sushi for Dan.  He scarfed it down before I even got photos.  He said it was so good that it almost melted in his mouth.

Once piece of hamachi for me.  Hamachi japanese yellow­tail, pickled green apple,  jalapeño.  I loved this, but because I stink with chopsticks, I didn’t get the pickled apple in the first bite attempt because I dropped it (faux paux, I picked it up with my fingers to make sure I got all of the flavors in my mouth, ha!)

Crunchy tuna for Dan.  crunchy tuna big eye tuna, avocado, jalapeño, english cucumber, aioli.  Dan loved it.  The sauces looked good to, one looked like thai chili, the other was the aioli.  Not gluten free 😦

No soy sauce here!  It’s on the table, but the chef will tell you right away, NO SOY SAUCE.  Funny because I know Dan was going to reach for it before even tasting.

This food was so good and flavorful, I can’t believe they even have it on the table!  I wouldn’t dream of putting soy sauce (nevermind the fact that most isn’t gluten-free) on this food!

Not the best photo of us, but I made him take one when we were leaving.  We will be back!  I think next time we’ll try to get there for happy hour.


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