Things I like Thursday: Groupon

I LOVE Groupon.  I’ve been buying them for almost 3 years now.  Started out with just restaurants, then some services.  Haven’t tapped into the vacations or any of the other areas.  I’ve learned to hold back, so I don’t get too many to spend, especially for places that are in downtown or south Austin.

I will say though, that I got the app for my phone last month and it’s been a lot less exciting.  Maybe it’s just because there are like 40 options a day and most of them aren’t that exciting to me.

I did have 2 Groupon fails lately though. I bought a “dark chocolate-shellac pedicure” back before Christmas, that I was saving for next week.  I went to book an appointment last week, so that i’d have pretty feet for my next trip.  no luck 😦  They have no appointments for 3 weeks.  Oh well, guess I’ll have to go to the place near my house.  Guess I will book that one for sometime in May.  It WILL get used.

Then yesterday I went to spent the Whole Bite Groupon i’d bought (expires next Wednesday).  It’s like My Fit Foods or Snap Kitchen.  Healthy, pre-made, portioned meals.  I’d been saving this one for a crazy week where I needed something quick.    I went ahead and ordered my food on-line Thursday morning.  I ordered tilapia, Mexican lime chicken, and buffalo chili.  I opted for the regular size and not the big portions, thinking the regular was a good size for us.

It sounded great.  Buffalo chili for Dan for Thursday night dinner with the Lime chicken for me.  Was planning on saving the fish for Good Friday.

What I didn’t bargain on was quite how SMALL the portions were.  Who eats that much for a meal?  They were seriously snack sized.  

They were so small, I had to use them in ingredients in a full meal.  I poured my chicken, asparagus, and quinoa over a full bag of salad for myself.  Dan’s chili was morphed into chalupas with some cheese and veggies added.

The fish?  Yeah, that was a post-workout snack.  Oh well!  At least I got something out of it, won’t be shopping there again, not impressed.  I’m better off eating my own quick and easy meals ive stashed in my freezer myself!

Just finished looking at today’s Groupons.  Nothing I can’t live without 😉


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