Hit me with your best shot

Started off Sunday with my usual “at-home” Sunday routine.  Gym, groceries, errands, laundry.

But after lunch, we did something different.  Very different for me.

Dan recently got his CHL.  He’s been encouraging me to get mine.  While i’ve shot guns before, I have no experience with handguns.  So Sunday afternoon, we went to the range, so that he could teach me some basics.  I’d never been to a gun range.

I wasn’t bad.  Shot 5 different guns, 3 of which I was comfortable with.  1 of them was too big for my little hands, I could shoot it well, but couldn’t properly hold onto it after it fired (and scratched the crap out of myself trying to hold it).

The pump shotgun I did not like at all.  After I fired it twice, I was done.  I just don’t like that kick near my face.  I felt all bad-ass pumping it, but that’s where the fun stopped with that one.

I didn’t do too shabby.  This was my first target.  On the last 2 rounds, I got 19 of 20 on the target.

I have some accuracy to work on, but I am getting the hang of it.

After we played for several hours, we decided to go home, or so I thought…

Instead Dan said he wanted to show me something.  30 minutes later we were up toward Inks Lake, where he’d ridden his motorcycle the day before. He wanted to show me this:

And this…

I think you really have to be from Texas to appreciate bluebonnets.  They are one of the most beautiful things on earth to me.

Shooting guns in the 90 degree heat is exhausting

It also turned into be being a geo-geek and looking at rocks and minerals in the flowers.  I found some cool quartz.  NERD NERD NERD!

We got home super late.  I don’t think we ended up eating until 8:30!  But it was totally worth it!


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