Short update

I’ve been in San Antonio for work since Monday.  I was visiting my parents when the tornadoes hit.  We were lucky and they went south, not everyone was lucky.  I did spend some time in their closet taking cover.  That was not fun.

Haven’t been feeling great for the last 2 weeks.  Eventually I will get my SXSW recap up.  I have to get past these classes and test, then travel home, then a busy weekend.

MD Anderson called yesterday and said my results were ok.  Which means i’m back to square one.  Will maybe be looking into alternative meds now.  I don’t know what else to do at this point?  I mean I had more than one Dr. state I had something very specific and majorly wrong with me.  Then the Dr. at MD Anderson didn’t deny that exists, but they don’t think that problem is the root of my health issues.

Right now it’s one day at a time.  Major test tomorrow for work, then a very hectic week next week, including 2 Girl Scout meetings and a trip to California.


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