Big Baby

I’m not actually referring to myself this time 😉

March means quite a few things.  Spring Break (not for me), SXSW, wildflowers, and one of my most UNFAVORITE things ever…going to the vet. Annual physicals are not a happy time in our house.  Dan has never been, so he has no idea.  Sister helped me with them 3 years ago, so she got a taste of it then.

I take Missy and Chanel at the same time, because I don’t think I could handle going more than once.  It goes down the same way every single time.

I let them outside to play while I get the carriers (they hear or see the carriers and they freak out).  Then I have to trick them to come inside, I grab Chanel and let Missy run off (because she can’t get away like Chanel can).  Put Chanel in her carrier and the screaming begins.  The sounds she makes almost bring me to tears.

Missy runs under couch, but I can’t reach her.  I flip the couch over with 1 hand, but can’t pick her up with 1 hand, she’s too big.  I put couch down and try to pull her out, but she’s really too big for under the couch and I can’t get my hands around her under there and I don’t dare pull her by the arms (because I am pretty sure they’d snap off).  Finally I got her into her carrier.

Both cats in carrier, 7 miles to Cedar Park.  Longest 7 miles ever.  Chanel was still screaming when we walked in, I think they wanted to get rid of us, so they put us in a room right away.  I took Chanel out and held her and she quit screaming.

Tech goes to get Missy out and we cannot get her out of her carrier.  All 14.5 pounds of her is spread out in there, claws and arms everywhere.  I had to put Chanel down and take the carrier APART to get Missy out.  Yes, there is my social butterfly being very-anti-social.

Once she was out, she wanted BACK IN!  Seriously, it’s a battle to get her in there against her will, but once she decided she wanted back in, she didn’t want to stop!  First she was trying to pull the door open.

Then she seriously pushed the carrier around the room WITH HER FACE!  Nevermind the fact that Chanel’s carrier was on top.  I felt bad because I was laughing.  She was like a bulldozer!

I finally handed Chanel over for her exam and had to hold Missy.  Missy only wanted to apparently be a parrot.  She crawled all of the way up my body and hid her head behind mine. My arm was tired after 10 minutes of this…

The Dr. and tech got a good laugh out of that, he said Missy made a really nice broach 😉

The rest of the visit went fine and we got loaded up and went home, no screaming for most of the ride.  Took them out, treated them with some Revolution, and set them free.  Chanel went into hiding upstairs when we got home.  Missy went and pouted for all of 5 minutes, before she was demanding to sit in my lap.

I am glad I had the day off on Monday.  Between Girl Scouts and the vet, I needed a break when I finally got home at 4!  I was tired and covered in like 50 pounds of cat hair.  I got away with no battle scars this year!

I am tired just thinking about doing this again, luckily it’ll only be Missy and she’ll have to stay for the day to have major teeth cleaning done.  Maybe I can wait and do that in April, so I have time to recover!


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