Houston, we have a problem

So we went to Houston to see one of the country’s best Endocrinologists.

We came back confused.

We were at MD Anderson from 12:15 until 5:15 pm. I won’t bore you with the boring details but my appointment really didn’t go as i’d hoped.  First I saw the fellow, who left to speak to Dr.  I burst into tears when he walked out of the room.

I loved the Dr., but I didn’t love what he had to say….more tests.  And he didn’t exactly agree with my Dr. here in Austin.   I burst into tears again, sobbing that I just wanted them to fix me.  I just wanted to be “normal.”  I think I threw him off, crying for apparently no reason.

Had blood work and was sent away with “home” lab-work.  Because I wanted their lab to process those, we needed to stay overnight.  My tests were due back to them at 1:30 on Wednesday afternoon.  We’d originally considered stay with one of my sweet friends, but once I knew what kind of tests the “home” stuff was, it was easier and less embarrassing to just get a room.

I was told before we left to prepare to be gone all week, so that’s how 1 night ended up with so much stuff!  2 bags, 2 work laptops, a hospital bag, and a cooler (which we had to go buy for the tests).

In an effort to cheer me up, Dan decided we would go out for dinner instead of ordering in, it just had to be a short trip.  Only problem was, nothing sounded go to me.

I had an awesome salad at an Italian restaurant in Rice Village.  Dan loves Italian, so I picked it out just for him (although that left me VERY limited).  My salad was jumbo lump crab meat, avocado, fennel, red onions, scallions, capers, tomato, and celery with lemon-evoo.  The flavors were great, I will be trying to make this at home.

On the way to the restaurant, there was a HUGE running party going on at the Irish Pub across the street.  It made me a little sad.  #1 I was told no working out during the tests.  #2 I had to be close to the hotel for my tests.

I pouted when we got back to our hotel. Reliant Stadium where the stockshow and rodeo happens was literally right next door to the hotel.  I’ve never been to Houston’s and i’ve always wanted to go.  But I couldn’t even go to the grounds to walk around because of needing to be close to my room for the tests 😦

I did make a small field trip on Wednesday morning to a WW meeting down the street.  This center was inside of a 24 hour fitness.  Now that’s a novel idea!  One stop shop 😉

Went back to hotel.  Then out to lunch to the closest thing to our hotel (I love Freebirds, so that was perfect).   Notice how Dan thought he needed a giant burrito, a coke, chips, and guac?  Yeah, I was silently mad about that.  I hate when we go somewhere I really want to go and he gets the most unhealthy thing he can get.  Yeah, that pretty much happens every time we eat out together.  Upsetting to me. Then back to hotel until the tests were done.  Then back to hospital to drop them off.  Finally around 2:30, we were on our way home.

I was so exhausted when we got home.  I went to bed at 8 pm both Wednesday and Thursday nights.  I’m just praying these tests turn up something…anything!


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