Fun Facts Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve played along with Fun Facts Friday.  Heather at Where’s the Beach (LOVE her), is one of the gals who does it weekly.  I love reading it, not sure why I don’t participate more.

This week’s random facts (smells edition):

  • I hate the smell of movie theater style popcorn.  At my conference last week, they had it during the afternoon breaks.  BLECH!
  • I don’t like eating oranges unless someone else peels them for me or they are sliced up already.  I hate getting the peel under my nails, almost as much as I hate the smell of oranges on my hands.  Even if I wash them over and over, I can still smell it.
  • I love bacon, but I hate the smell of it.
  • I don’t mind the smell of syrup during a meal.  But if someone spills it on themselves or it gets on your hands, then I can’t stand it.  My BFF Michele and I share this one.  She can’t stand when her students smell like syrup after breakfast.
  • I don’t like vanilla scents.  If it’s a vanilla blend, then I am ok.  (like vanilla cake or vanilla apricot).  Generic vanilla I am not a fan of.  Vanilla flavoring, yes, I like the way that smells.
  • I can’t stand the way Dr. Pepper smells and I despise it’s taste even more
  • I love the smell of rain.  It’s raining right now and it’s driving me nuts i’m indoors with windows that don’t open
  • I will only put “clean” scents in my Scentsy nightlights in my bathrooms.  Anything else is just weird to me
  • Don’t tell anyone, but Dan loves our Scentsy’s.  I finally bought him one of his own for Christmas to put in his office (the Auburn warmer).  Before that, he just stole others from around the house
  • Speaking of Scentsy, I have 4 nightlights (all bathrooms and the guest bedroom), and 4 full size.  We really only use 3 of them regularly, but the extras are in rooms we don’t use regularly.  What can I say? I like a good smelling house!

That’s about all with my scent quirks 😉  Happy Friday!


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