Things I like Thursday: family funnies

I talk to my mom almost every day on the phone.  I almost never talk to my dad on the phone (if I do, it’s her handing him the phone for something quick).  Well, my dad called me today.  My dad never calls me unless something is wrong.  So even though I was at work, I answered.

Me:  Hello?  (cautiously, because I expected something bad to be said)

Dad:  Hey!  What are you doing?

Me:  I’m at work.  I’m working.  (snarky)

Dad:  I was calling to see how your trip to Waco was.

Me:  It was good, but i’m tired.   I have been gone from work the better part of the last 2 weeks, i’m trying to play catch up.

Dad:  How do I comment on something?

Me:  What!?

Dad:  I want to comment on something and it won’t let me.  Tell me how to fix it.

Me:  Are we talking about Facebook?  Are you trying to post a comment on someone else’s wall?  On your own?

Dad:  I already posted, but I want to comment.

Me:  On your own post?  I don’t know why it’s not letting you….Dad, I tried too, its not taking mine either, maybe your settings are preventing it.

Dad:  Well I want to comment on my post!

Me:  Well I don’t know how to help you, it won’t let me comment either.

Dad:  Ok, have a good day. I will talk to you later.


I laughed at loud when I hung up.  My dad seriously called me at work to walk him through Facebook.  And for the record, he’s always ranting about Facebook being dumb and people posting stupid stuff.

I eventually saw that he posted his comment, as another status update, which made me laugh even harder.

*Sigh*.  Social media and senior citizens.


4 thoughts on “Things I like Thursday: family funnies

  1. Janice says:

    That is so funny! Yesterday, I went to the small fitness center here and there was 3 ladies in their 60’s that were discussing facebook. Two were trying to figure out how to “friend” someone and the other was trying to figure out the etiquette for facebook. It was hilarious listening to them.

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