Away in Aggieland

MIA due to being in College Station all week for work.  It was good to get away and work outside of the office.  Plus I love College Station.  And I got to bond with my team, which was probably the best part!

Maybe I am weird, but when I am out of my regular routine, I write down what I need to accomplish and count backwards to see what time I really need to get moving from the bed or computer.

I got to run through town once when I was there.  Unfortunately it had to be in the AM and it was dark and raining.  I wish i’d have an evening free to tour campus on foot.   Hoping to talk Dan into a SEC game this year and we can make a roadtrip 😉

Nothing too exciting food wise.  Fajitas at Papa Perez were really good, although I was disappointed there weren’t really sides with them that i’d eat (we went there for Valentine’s night).  Lunch at Ozona on Wednesday was great, I had salmon tacos.  I loved that kabobs were a side option (I got 2).  Everyone else at the table was jealous over my plate, lol!  I’ve never thought about making salmon tacos, but it worked.  Plus their cilantro vinaigrette was very tasty on both the fish and the kabobs.

I’m glad to be back, but now i’m off to spend all weekend downtown volunteering at the Austin Marathon.  Needless to say, there probably won’t be blog posts until Sunday night, i’ll be too busy and not taking my computer! 🙂  First stop though, Endocrinology appointment.

Happy Friday!  Good luck to all running this weekend!  I’ve never run Austin, because I LOVE volunteering for it so much!


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