Valentine’s Day is Dumb

I’ve pretty much always thought that.  I think it’s cute for kids and I like the decorations, but the whole rest of it is phooey to me.  Yes, I am a scrooge.

Yes, I decorate my office at work and our dining room at home for it, because I think the decor is cute.

I bought my Girl Scouts little glittery Valentines and fun pencils.  Why?  Because I think it’s cute for kids. No candy, I figured they’d get enough of that at school.  Plus one of the mom’s doesn’t like her daughter eating certain things.   Food is NOT love people.  The girls were so excited, although, they fought over the pencils, because they were all different.  I wasn’t really expecting that.

So Adam Corolla said this Sledgehammer wine was good and is one of their spokespeople.  This marketing worked, because then of course, Dan wanted the wine.  This wine is impossible to find in this area.  Their store locator lists a few stores, but none of them carry it.  I talked to the HEB wine manager and he ordered a whole case for me.  Problem is, it came in late, past our anniversary last week, but just in time for me to have to wade through the jungle of Valentine’s insanity at the store yesterday.  It was worth it, because I knew he really wanted to try it.  Hope he likes it, because there are 11 more bottles at the store, lol!

On the way out, there were the chocolate covered strawberries, something else Dan had been talking about after seeing them in the store.  I know I could make them cheaper and better myself, but i’m leaving town for work today.

So yes, I bought him wine and strawberries and I left them for him this morning on the kitchen counter.  I would have preferred to give him everything last Thursday for our anniversary, but alas, had to settle for today.  

So technically I guess I bought him a Valentine’s Day gift, although the original intent was Anniversary.

So Happy Valentine’s Day, whether you chose to celebrate or not.  I’ll be going out tonight in College Station with a bunch of my female coworkers.  Hope it’s a blast!


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