Weekened rewind

I’d like to rewind to Thursday, where my weekend started going wrong…

I wasn’t feeling great, I was really hoping it was really bad allergies.  Lots of sneezing and sniffling going on at work.  I have been really lucky, Dan has been sick twice this winter, most of my coworkers more than once.  I have not be sick at all and managed to avoid it from all of them.  Until now.

I had a really important late afternoon meeting, so despite boss lady’s efforts to send me home, I had to stay.  At this point, I was still hoping it was allergies.  That night I took Nyquil and went to bed.

Friday wasn’t any better. Another urgent meeting in the PM.  I got to work extra early to get things done, I made it until 9:30 when I caved and went home.  I offered to take the meeting via phone, but my boss didn’t want me to.   Dan came home, sick.  Great, I gave it to him too, that never happens.  I slept the rest of the day, another Nyquil night.

Saturday, got up to run with the Zooma group in North Austin.  My sister bailed on me, but I got dressed and left.  Stopped to put gas in my car and realized my nose was bleeding.  Ugh.  With AK having her marathon next week, it would be selfish for me to run with them and possibly get her sick.  I decided to drive to the park and run alone, but I started feeling worse by the minute.  Came back home and slept most of the day Saturday, with the exception of breakfast and lunch.  I was so out of it, I watched golf on tv with Dan for a whole hour.

I was determined to go out to celebrate my birthday, our 7 year anniversary, and Valentine’s Day (we usually do 1 celebration, my preference).  I was feeling better after we both switched to AlkaSeltzer cold.  (I saw a commercial that said DayQuil did nothing for the nose, which was right, so Dan went across the street for the AlkaSeltzer). 

We ate at Maudie’s which was good, but they totally robbed me on the meat on my beef fajitas!  Good thing I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t eat my usual portion size, or i’d be starving.  We had 11 people, so for time’s sake, we had to split into 2 smaller tables.  Got to see a few people I don’t get to see near enough, which made me very happy!

Then off to Antone’s (where Dan and I first met) to see William Clark Green (new to me), Brian Keane, and Adam Hood.  Adam was great as usual.  Not my favorite type of venue to see him in, but it was good.

I won’t go into details, but the evening turned south after dinner (had nothing to do with me being sick).  Quite possibly a sign that I should have stayed home in my pjs.   The evening ended around 2:45 am with me in tears.  I can only hope that I’m offered a redo on my celebration date.


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