Shape of things

“Yes, I’ve had a hard time
Keeping up with everything
But, I guess I’ve had a lot on my mind”

That quote and title from Adam Hood pretty much sums it up.  I’m behind because i’ve had a ton on my mind.


In trying to get my lunchbox, purse, and 3 cases of Girl Scout cookies in the car before work, I put my cell phone on top of the car, because I had too much stuff. 15 minutes later I hear a thud on the back of my car. When I got to work, realized it was my phone!  I’ve never put my phone on my car before and I am not sure why I didn’t just make more trips out to the car.

Had to call Dan from work and ask him to log-in on Verizon and file a claim for me.  He wasn’t amused, he’d just boarded a flight to come home after being in Canada all week.

More tests being run.  2 hours at the imaging center Friday afternoon.  I was a grump afterwards, so I went to the gym, which actually helped.

At least when I got home, Dan was back from his trip and we had pizza night.  We hadn’t had pizza night in AGES! (mostly because I am still not really a fan of GF pizza, this time I made my own crust for mine).


Wasn’t sure if it was going to keep storming, plus I was in a funk from the stupid tests run on Friday.  So I drove down to the lake to run.  I’m not training for anything, but I thought it would be good for the soul.  It didn’t rain, but I got a nice 8 miler in.  It was super humid and gross, but the run was good.  Plus I hadn’t been to the lake in months, it was a nice change.

Later we made a roadtrip to Stephenville.  I’ve never even been to that area of the state before.  Good times.  Got to see 3 friends who came in from Fort Worth.  We ate at Hard Eight BBQ which was awesome.  Then we went to City Limits to see Jason Boland.  I’ve never experienced such wonderful people watching.  Wow, that was enough entertainment on it’s own (Boland was fabulous as usual). Great time, although I am still not 100%, mostly due to the after-effects of all of the damn smoke.  Smoke and I don’t get along.

Things that are not so fun?  Driving back to a hotel in town in a town you’ve never been to, without a map or GPS.  At least Dan was sober enough to operate his iPhone GPS, because otherwise, i’d probably still be driving!


My body doesn’t know that I stayed up WAY late, I was up at 5.  I took 2 different types of allergy medicine to try to make the breathing better from the smoke. At 7 I couldn’t take it anymore and I showered, got dressed, and hung out in the lobby until Dan was ready.  The hotel’s breakfast was kind of crappy, so we went out before we left to go home.

The rest of the day was groceries on the way home (insane Superbowl shoppers), laundry, nap, gym, and dinner.  We had some kick-ass beef chalupas for dinner.  I forgot to get cake or some sort of birthday dessert for us, so while Dan was packing for his work trip I had GF cookie, dark chocolate chips and ice cream.

Back to the quote and blog title being from Adam Hood, one of our favorite musicians.  Dan has known Adam since college.  I’ve know him since I have known Dan.  ACTUALLY, ha, funny story.  The day I moved to Austin I had an email from Dan that said, “Hey, my friend Adam is playing at Copper Tank tonight, you should come.”   No, I didn’t know Dan, I didn’t actually meet him until a month later through our mutual friends.  That show he emailed me about actually got cancelled because the bar shut down, so it never happened and I never went.  But yes, Dan was trying to get me to go see Adam even before i’d met him.   I was a fan of Adam’s immediately once I saw him live.  If you don’t know his music, check him out 😉


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