I either had an angel or was just darn lucky on Thursday.

We had a stressful morning at work, so a coworker and I decided to make the trek to the Arboretum to the Zoe’s Kitchen there for lunch.   As we were nearing the restaurant, I was doing about 45 on the road, someone pulled out across the road directly in front of me and stopped!  I am not sure how on earth my car stopped and how I didn’t t-bone the stupid guy.  It was such a short distance, I am shocked my car wasn’t totaled.  Really impressed with my car and the brakes.

Then later than evening, I went to run before going over to pick up my Girl Scout cookie order from one of the moms.  The last 2 weeks, while I was waiting for her to get home, i’ve run in the county park down the street (tons of sports fields and courts, not isolated).  Last week I ran the actual trail only.  This week I wanted to do more, so I ran on the sidewalk outside of the park first, then onto the trail, and then into the greenbelt.  Going into the greenbelt wasn’t my brightest idea because there are no signs and it wasn’t clear where the park boundaries were.

When I went pick up my cookies, my friend told me I shouldn’t be running alone and Dan needed to get me a dog.  This is a really nice and affluent area.  I didn’t ever think about something happening.

Thank goodness I ran the sidewalk 1.5 miles first.  Because something really bad happened WHILE I WAS THERE.  The same friend sent me this yesterday afternoon, with the note, “OMG Melissa, you were right there when this happened!)

I spoke too soon, I’ve never really had a scare.  That was until now.  I am hoping the young woman who was attacked will be ok and I’m sending many prayers for her.


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