Race Report: 3M Half Marathon

This race is special to me, because it was my first half 6 years ago.  I’ve done it every year since with the exception of 1 and I really regret the year I skipped.  Not sure why I like it so much, it’s just a good local race that is always fun.

Course:  New course this year since Waterloo Park is under construction and that was formerly the finish.   The course was good.  Same start, different middle, same end until the last half mile, turned twice and finished in front of the Texas State History museum with a nice view of the state capitol.

The map looks flat, but there were some rises, including a really long one in the middle of the race.  There was a slight hill in the last .3, which people were verbally cursing.

I ran my sister and my mom both up that “hill” before they turned to run the last .1 and hit the chutes.

My mom was really stuggling.  She gave me a scare, I really thought she could possibly collapse.  She said her hip was giving her trouble but kept pushing on her chest.  And at one point she latched on to me to keep herself upright. ACK!  Scary.  I made her walk a little bit to regain her balance.

I knew she was fine after she finished, because she stood in line for a finish line photo, lol.

Crowd/music/cheering:  Was spotty, but that’s how it always is.  The only really empty areas were the first 3 miles, which I barely even noticed.  Not as much music as years past, but I wonder if that’s because people weren’t aware it was a new course this year?

Aid:  Water and Gatorade was fine.  Although Megan and I (we ran together from 6-9) arrived at mile 8 and they seemed to be short of volunteers and didn’t have enough people.  Not a big deal, I got my water, but later in the race, may have been an issue.

Swag:  Their packet is the best around.  Who doesn’t want a bag of useful 3M brand products?  I really love seeing what is new from them every year, they are a really innovative company and always have the neatest products and ideas.

My most coveted items?  Post-its and bandaids.  You can never have enough of either!  Also included were glue, knee brace, lots of scotch tape, sandpaper, giant lint roller, glue, post-it flags all in a re-usable cinch bag.

Like the color of the shirt but not really a fan of the design (it says “fast, easy, fun”), although now it’s an inside joke amongst our friends.  The key to getting the best loot is getting there early.  All of the bags vary with what products they get.  Mom’s was only slightly different from mine.

They had a semi-expo this year, which was lame.  I just picked up my packet and left.

Facilities:  Port-a-potties were plentiful.  Bag check was quick and easy on both ends.

Refreshment:  I got my banana which made me a happy girl.  They have really good post-race food, just stuff I can’t eat due to the gluten:  breakfast tacos, Tiff’s Treats fresh cookies, etc.

That’s ok, my mom ate my share.

Found AK after the race.  Never saw her on course, probably because she ran like a 1:36.  

Once all of the troops were in, we moved back up North to the start of the race to get our cars and our brunch on at NXNW Brewery.

I’m weird, I’m just am never really hungry after the race (usually catches up with me that night or the next day).  I make myself eat though.

Who eats shrimp cocktail for brunch?  Weird people like me I guess.  Some of the biggest shrimp I’ve seen.  I also ate majority of the fruit off of Dan’s brunch plate. (he didn’t come to the race, but joined us for food).

It was a perfect morning.

Perfect weather, wonderful race, and PRs all around. Everyone at brunch PR’d at the race.  My mom and sister had HUGE PRs.  I had a pretty big PR, one that will stay around for a while.  I don’t know that i’ll do any more halves in the near future, may be refocusing my priorities.


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