Date night

Saturday was a total lazy day for both of us.  I couldn’t get the temperature in the house right on Friday night, so I kept waking up and messing with the thermostat because I was hot, then woke up freezing!  I got rest, but not as much as a I needed.

I spent the day getting things back in order at home and catching up on things.  Dan spent most of the day lounging and napping since he stayed up really late on Friday night. 

I can’t honestly remember the last time Dan and I had a real date night.  I can remember some attempts, but I didn’t make it to the end of the evening of some, due to getting sick.  I made it through the whole evening this time 🙂 

We set out for downtown Austin at 5.  First stop, Garridos.  I love their food and all but 2 items on their menu are gluten-free.  Another plus was that I had a Groupon, I LOVE Groupons.  Excuse the crummy photos, apparently the point-and-shoot doesn’t do well in a really dim restaurant.

Started off with the crab-guacamole.  It was really good, but super small! 

I had the Snapper. Wasn’t impressed with the plating on my fish or the fact it was on top of a tostada which was on top of everything else, that was kind of odd.  It actually looks more like fish tacos!

Dan had the Steak Vaquero.    It was really tasty, I actually cleaned his plate when he was done and ate the last few bites of the steak and the rest of the veggies.  Didn’t try the potato cakes.

We both liked our food, but Dan wasn’t a fan of the potato cakes or having his photo taken.  

Next stop was the Paramount Theater to see comedian Bill Burr.  I love the Paramount, it’s really old, historic, and beautiful (same architect/builder as the Majestic in San Antonio).  It was fabulous and I liked the guy who opened for him too (no idea what his name was).   I love comedy shows, although I hadn’t been to a live one in quite some time.

Afterwards we came home, had dessert, and watched some tv before calling it a night.  It was just one of those days I needed.  Snail’s pace slow and relaxed.

B1:  Half GF bar and Adora
B2:  2 mini quiches
S: carrots, celery, and hummus
L: zucchini-walnut souffle
S:  apple and peanut butter
D:  snapper, vegetables, salad, crab guacamole, tortilla chips.  Tastes of Dan’s steak and veggies.
S:  Nada Moo vanilla with dark chocolate and raw mixed nuts


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