Speedster Saturday

Talking about the people running the trials, certainly not me, lol.

Attended the 2012 Olympics Marathon trials Saturday morning. This was very cool, big thanks to my buddy June for letting me come with her, help set up the volunteer food and drink at the red aid station.  We were super excited, but June was like a kid in a candy store as demonstrated below 😉  We were right past the 5K mark.

This was likely a once in a lifetime experience.  It was totally worth the early wake-up time and being cold.

And completely worth the heat-rash I got from the propane heater that I parked in front of between the athletes passing.  Likely due to the synthetic fiber tights worn under my jeans getting too hot.  It was gone by Sunday morning, but this photo was over 6 hours later, I had bright red leopard spots!

Each athlete had a number, which corresponded with an aid table.  It was interesting to see how each athlete marked their aid bottles and containers.     Some were really flashy with glitter, bright colors, etc. The bottles had specific places on the table where they were staged but not until it was almost time for the athlete to come through.  This photo was before the bottles were placed out by the aid volunteer on the dots on the table, which marked the placement.  What I wouldn’t give to have my aid this way, lol!

The athletes were amazing.

Watched them on tv in the afternoon to see what actually happened.  I was happy with the results, looks like we’ll have a strong team.  Not sure if they will be able to medal, but we should have a good showing.

Saturday eats:

B1: banana and almonds
WO: none
B2: 2 bacon and egg on corn taco
L: Tropical Ahi salad at Cedar Creek (still drooling over this one!)
S: apple and peanut butter
D:  chicken kabobs, greek salad, and red potato salad (mayo free) at Zoe’s Kitchen

S: Lara bar

I hadn’t eaten at Zoe’s in a while, we only have one in Austin and it’s not convenient to work or home.  I originally discovered them through a Groupon a few years back and I eat there when I can.  They do have a gluten-free menu, which is nice.  I tried the kabobs this time which were good, as was the greek salad.  I’d never had the mayo-less red potato salad, so I got that as my other side.  Big mistake 😦  After a few bites, I found pasta in my potatoes.  No idea how it got there, guessing the cook was sloppy and got some of the pasta salad into my potato salad.  Not sure how much I actually ate, but it was enough to make for a reaction.  It never even crossed my mind how to deal with a reaction the night before a race.  A race first for sure.

My friend Nicole was my dinner date and I really enjoyed catching up with her.  Wish I’d had more time to visit with her.  She’s another gal I am super proud of.  She’s made great strides with her health and I’m thrilled she’s been so successful 🙂


4 thoughts on “Speedster Saturday

  1. There was a girl from LR that ran – she came in 55th. She’s amazing – I often see her running where I do. I swear I just want to turn around and call it quits when I see her. Form is perfect and it just looks so effortless. Jason and I watch the recap of the race yesterday.

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