Race Report: Houston Aramco Half Marathon

June and I around 5 am, pre-race.  Wow, my bib belt really cuts me in half!

Course:  Reminded me of Dallas, lots of potholes and un-even.  I started in the “A” corral with the half marathoners.  Within the corral, there was suggested areas for paces.  I started behind the 1:45.  The start was on-time which was fabulous. It was so crowded, pretty much to the split for the full and half.

The weather was the best distance weather I think i’ve ever had.  Caution low was the best thing I saw all morning!

Crowd/music/cheering:  Was good in spots.  Wasn’t as high energy as I would have thought.  I didn’t hear much music at all.

Aid:  Very hard to move in and out to get water and/or Gatorade.  Streets seemed to be narrow in the aid areas.  Guess I have been used to courses with aid on both sides of the road.

Swag:  packet was full of useless stuff, as are most.  The race shirt was ok, but then again, I hate white shirts.  Finisher shirt was nice (although also white) as was the medal.

Here I am with my running buddy AK, who somehow found me twice on race morning.  She found me afterwards and ON the course!  I lost her during the race, which was fine, I don’t race with anyone.  We ran 3 miles together in Dallas (she slowed down) and a little over a mile on Sunday (she sped up).  I think she finished around 1:40.

I did well in the race, despite having issues sleeping because of my gluten issue the night before.  I didn’t really feel it was a strong race for me mentally or physically, so it must have been the perfect weather that allowed me to have my 4 second PR.

Facilities:  Port-a-potties at the start had no toilet paper in 1 section which was sad.  Bag check was quick and easy on both ends.  Everything post-race was inside which I LOVED.  And it was well organized and spacious.

Refreshment:  I guess for most people, it was probably awesome (sponsored by HEB grocery).  For me, not so much.  They had bananas (which is all I usually want).  The rest was gluten-laden: prepacked snackfoods, biscuits and gravy, breakfast tacos, etc.  They did have a nice area for the drinks with coffee, cocoa, sodas, chocolate milk, water, HEB sports drink, etc.  Needless to say, I only got a banana, which I did not eat (I had one as my first breakfast).

There were also additional booths outside the food area that had Honey Milk and HEB creamy creations ice cream.  Tempting, but I know how that story ends, so I avoided it.

There were probably a million bananas, i’m not even kidding.  Like 5 LONG rows of them!  I thought that many bananas was beautiful, it’s my #1 post-race food.

B1: banana, GF bar
WO: half marathon.  Gel, water, gatorade on course.
S:  mini rice krispy treat, turkey jerky
L: Harvest chicken salad, apple, almonds
S: cooked carrots, cinnamon, and coconut oil
D:  Mighty Fine bacon-jalapeno cheeseburger without a bun.  Brought it home to have on half my cheddar-jalapeno GF bun (because I forgot it at home).  Still haven’t brought myself to eat a burger without some sort of bun.  Dan and I shared an order of fries (which I ate most of before I could grab a photo).

S: Perfect Fit Gluten Free cookie, chocolate chip.  I’d never tried that flavor before, not really a fan.

I graze a lot after races, because I am not really hungry (this is really the ONLY time this happens), but I know I need to eat.  I wasn’t hungry at dinner, but it was necessary.  If you are wondering how many Weight Watchers Points Plus this was (~62).  And no, that’s not unusual for me to do 1 weekend day a week. No deprivation here.  I have at least one really high day a week and have for the last five years, it’s what works for me.

If you are wondering how many calories I burn running a half, not as many as you’d think.  Roughly 850.  I’d venture to say that most WW members would earn more than that.  I have a low RHR and a low burn, I roughly burn 65 calories a mile.  Most people burn around 100 per mile.  Based on that, most people would burn over 1300 calories in a half.  Calories burned has ZERO to do with why I run.

I’d consider the race a success, but it wasn’t one of my best.  I’m still proud of my effort even if it didn’t feel like my best.


8 thoughts on “Race Report: Houston Aramco Half Marathon

  1. junieb says:

    music parts are after the half split, as are the water stops on both sides of road and not NEAR as congested. having an additional 11000 runners for the first 9 miles makes a huge difference. funny that i thought this year the congestion was much less than in past years. everyone is different i suppose.

    everything is much different for the full as opposed to the half, but with the half you at least get to finish quicker and the last 4 miles are typically a fast negative split.

    Im glad I dont have gluten or food issues, as I love everything about post race at CHM.

    and i still hate that picture.

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