Travel, turkey, trials, and tuna

Trip to Houston yesterday was easy and effortless.  Fueled by a $8 bag of Buccee’s turkey jerky.  It was tasty and GF, but not really sure it was worth the price.  And it only had 4 ingredients, turkey breast and 3 spices.

Got in just in enough time to go to dinner with June’s training group at Patronella’s.  Good dinner.  Luckily I could order off of the menu, the whole entire meal that everyone else had was gluten with the exception of the salad.   I had delicious Salmon with even more salad and vegetables.  It was gorgeous, but I forgot to take photos because I was too busy feeding my face.

Ran errands and had girl chat the rest of the evening.  Probably stayed up too late for having to get up at 4 am.  We got up on time and got our rears moving to pick up Starbucks, tacos, and the rest of the food and beverage for the red aid stop for the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials.  We were around 3, 7, 18 mile markers.  Very very cool.

The trials were awesome, will post more later, I didn’t bring the adapter for my camera to upload photos, so cell phone is best I have for now.

Now to enjoy the rest of the Saturday after a fabulous lunch at Cedar Creek.  June and I both enjoyed some killer salads.  She had a mexican inspired salad.  I had the Tropical Ahi (greens, red onions, grapefruit, pears, avocado, mint, and grilled Ahi Tuna).  I’m totally remaking this at home but maybe with another source of protein, since I don’t usually cook tuna.

 It’s a lovely day in Houston 🙂


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