Breakfast of champions

Is not banana flavored barium, especially not 3 bottles of the junk.  No food, no working out this morning due to CT scan.  I still have faith they’ll figure out what is wrong with me.  Summer 2010 and when I first started having issues.  *Sigh*

Most days I feel fine, just not like how I used to feel.  And I don’t look the same either.  I look old, bloated, and tired.  I don’t feel as bad as I look on most days, which is good.  I keep reminding myself, it could indeed be worse.  I just look forward to the day when I know how to fix what is broken.

Heading to Houston soon.  Not looking forward to driving, but looking forward to the Olympic trials tomorrow, seeing my friends, and unwinding.  I have had a really busy and stressful week at work, so it’s probably exactly what I need.  For some reason, I am still not excited about the race itself.  I think it’s because I’ve really been so busy, I haven’t had any time to really think about it.  I think once I get to town and see the other runners, i’ll feel better about it.

Thursday eats:

B1: half GF bar, Adora disc
WO: adaptive motion
B2: mushroom omelette
L: veggies, turkey burger, apple
S: hummus and celery
D: chicken caldo and EVOO
S: dark chocolate, almonds, and applesauce

I know I ranted about Jennifer Hudson subbing turkey for everything.  I don’t usually eat it so much in one week, but I got a package of turkey on super sale at Target on Sunday and i’ve been alone the last week at home, so turkey it was.  I like to mix my proteins up.

Friday eats:

B1: banana flavored barium, 3 bottles.  At least it was something in my stomach to keep me from starving
WO: none per lab orders
B2: bacon and egg on corn taco, jalapenos
S: banana and pistachios, Adora disc
L: canned southwestern soup, plate of veggies, apple with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter

Tried to go down to the cafeteria for lunch, knowing I’d be disgusted with what I found.  Here is what was healthy:  milk (out), wraps (out), grilled fish (drowning in grease), vegetables drowning in butter.  There was also fried fish, hushpuppies, greasy hamburger steak, sandwiches, and other stuff I can’t or won’t eat.  Now you see why I resorted to the emergency soup stash?  I need to remember to email the employee health group again.  Because of where our office is located, it’s difficult to get out and back in an hour because it takes 15 minutes to get directly across the freeway.

S:  will be on the way to Houston probably something from Buccee’s

D:  hoping to make dinner with June’s running group in Houston

*Remind me I pretty much hate canned soup.  It was in my emergency stash at work.  I didn’t bring a lunch and was too busy to go out as planned.  At least I had stuff to go with it.

Looking back, that doesn’t look like a lot of food on paper, but I don’t list portion sizes anywhere but in my Weight Watchers tracker.  I am a volume eater when it comes to fruits and veggies, so use your imagination.  My veggies with lunch alone yesterday was 2+ cups of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.  And when I eat a salad, it’s usually a giant salad.


4 thoughts on “Breakfast of champions

  1. RB says:

    Maybe I will see you there! We are going to take a company team picture at 6:15 under the letter H inside the convention center, in case you want to come-by and chat (we are all wearing red shirts). If I don’t see you; good luck on the Half! -RB

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