Things I like Thursday: Girl Scout Cookies

I know Girl Scouts in certain areas have started selling cookies already.  In fact, Houston and San Antonio for sure.  Central Texas does not start until next Wednesday, January 18.  We’ve been training our little girls up for it.  7 of the 9 have never sold cookies before.  I’ve never sold cookies before.  I think this will be an interesting adventure.

The first thing I did was figure the Weight Watchers Points Plus values for a serving of each of the cookies.  As a leader, I got the NI on each type in my materials several months ago.  All of my girls have the P+ values on their forms.

Just because you are watching your weight or being healthy, doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself in moderation if it’s something you really like or want.  To be honest, if I could still eat them, I would (none of the cookies are even close to being gluten-free).

In fact, Angie’s Half Crazy-Half Marathon had Girl Scout cookies at the finish for the last 2 years.  I was devastated last year when I finished and had to pass the yummy Caramel deLites on the table, those were my favorite!

For some people, out of sight, out of mind works for portion control.  Some people pre-portion baggies with a reasonable portion of cookies.  Others freeze them.

To be honest, before WW, I tried the freezing thing.  Frozen cookies was not a deterrent to me.  Frozen cookies are really good too and I have strong teeth.

Weight Watchers Points Plus per serving:
Thanks a lot-4, (2 cookies)
Shout Outs-3, (4 cookies)
Lemonaides-4, (2 cookies)
Shortbread 3, (4 cookies)
Thin Mints-4, (4 cookies)
PB Patties-4, (2 cookies)
Caramel De-lites-4, (2 cookies)
PB Sandwich-5, (3 cookies)

**If you live in Central Texas and you want cookies, you know where to find them starting Jan 18 😉

And if you really don’t think you can have the cookies around and they are a trigger, every troop has a designated beneficiary.  Our is the families with children ill at Dell Children’s hospital here in Austin.


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