Step back and think

One of my friends got some news earlier this week that she didn’t think she’d be receiving.  Cancer.  When she had her thyroid removed recently, it wasn’t expected.  But when the results came back from what was removed, it was positive.

Please say a prayer for her and her family.  She begins treatment in the coming weeks and the prognosis is good.  They expect her to be cancer free soon.

Really makes you sit back and think about your own life.  I’ll tell you once I really started pondering things, I had more gratitude.  I wrote several notes to co-workers yesterday that either helped me recently or needed help.  One co-worker has been struggling with wedding planning stress, I wrote her a supportive card, offering her help and cheer.  I’m a fan of little notes and cards, but sometimes I get too busy and forget to stop and take the time to thank/support/encourage someone.

I may have gotten to work super early, but I made myself leave on time.    My acting boss actually made me “off-limits” to others yesterday, which was VERY helpful and I had a great productive day.

Drove to Round Rock, weighed in at Weight Watchers, did a run in the area, then grabbed a drink and attended the WW meeting.  Hadn’t seen my old At-Work leader in a while, it was good to see her.  And it was the most crowded meeting I have EVER been to!  Maybe 2 empty seats total.  WOW.

I did speak a little about my 5 year anniversary on Weight Watchers and I had quite a few new people come up to me after the meeting to ask questions and offer congrats.  Good meeting.  I hope at least 1 person will be inspired.

After the meeting and eating a quick dinner.  I took the time to read a few chapters in my book last night too.   Hopefully I can find time to unwind and destress by reading or other methods, because I need it for my cortisol issues and my sanity, lol!


PW: banana and almonds
WO: Weights
B1: df latte
B2: leftover pastaless butternut lasagna
L: Mexi-cobb salad, orange
S: hummus and cucumbers
S: pistachios
D: turkey stir fry with EVOO and veggies
S: cooked apples with cinnamon and coconut
S: pumpkin souffle (really didnt need to eat this)


B1: pumpkin souffle
B2: apple and almonds
L: eggplant ragout, salad, orange
S: hummus and cucumbers
WO: run
D: turkey stir fry with tons of veggies and EVOO
S: dark chocolate and coconut

I’ll admit, it takes the right mix of protein, fat, carbs, and volume to keep me satisfied. But with that being said, I don’t track nutrients or calories or fat. Just Weight Watchers points and their good health guidelines.


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