I broke a rule

I do not like Dr. Oz, I do not watch Dr. Oz.  I watched him yesterday because he had Jennifer Hudson on to talk about Weight Watchers for the whole show.

While I love her and think she’s a good spokesperson and role model, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the show.  I hope it motivates more and more people to join Weight Watchers and to lose the weight for good, just like I did 5 years ago.

Weight Watchers is flexible and a great program for that very reason.  I like that she stressed that it is a lifestyle change and that nothing is off limits.  I like that she talked about balance.

For the parts I didn’t like.

  • I didn’t like her idea of “moving more”.  I know WW is designed to work without activity, but I thought her activity explanation was very lacking
  • The power foods shopping list was offered up, but they didn’t explain really what that means
  • Good Health Guidelines?  She skated around some, never really explained how it’s the focus
  • She never touched on the science behind the program
  • How there are 2 methods of doing the program and both of them take ZERO time
  • How planning really pays off
  • That eating 2 bananas is a good idea if you are in a hurry or need a quick meal.  I cringed when she said that
  • Turkey and lots of it.  I love turkey, but folks, you do not have to sub turkey for everything.  Buy lean cuts of meat and enjoy red meat if you like red meat or eat meat at all.  I know she doesn’t eat red meat, but she really only touted turkey and eggs.  There are other lean proteins that are  good sources.

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