Come back home

I think Dan needs to quit going out of town, lol.  Because when he’s out, it seems like my work and personal life are 100 miles an hour faster than normal.  I should really have more free time when he’s gone, but I don’t.  I always *think* I am going to get special projects, or DVR, or reading done.  This seldom happens.  Work usually gets nuts and I work crazy long days and cut into my free after work time.

He’s gone for almost another week.  Flies back from skiing today, but out to Canada tomorrow for work.  He’s actually spending the night near the airport, because his trips are that close together.  I’ll see him sometime next week when I return from Houston.

Mom left Monday morning.  It was dark when I got to work and dark when I left work.  This time of year, that isn’t hard, but I worked WAY too long, but it was necessary.  Sad that I finally had a free Monday (no meetings after work) and didn’t get to do one of the Monday activities I keep meaning to do.  By time I got home, I was ready for bed 😦  I pretty much ate, unloaded the car, read some in a new book I got, and that was it. 

The food

B1:  latte

B2:  pistachios and banana

L:  Leftover Kona salad with added chicken, orange

S:  Buffalo Jerky

S:  veggies and hummus

D:  turkey burger on jalapeno GF bread, broccoli

I was so tired when I got home, I didn’t even use real plate.  Cooked the turkey patty while unloading the car and then used my broccoli container lid for a plate.  Yes.  That lazy and tired.

S:  cooked carrots with cinnamon, almonds, and coconut oil


3 thoughts on “Come back home

    • I hope to get out there. I’m really worried about street closures and parking in that area. I need to study the maps more. My friend was helping me look at the area and said its likely difficult

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