Slow motion button please

I hate when you have a weekend that is more crazy than the work week.  This weekend was that way.   Mom in town, Girl Scouts moved to Friday night at the last minute.  Day trip to Salado and Georgetown after long run on Saturday.  Meetings, errands, and more meetings on Sunday. 

I don’t actually think I was at home any other time this weekend other than to sleep, shower, and sometimes eat.

And I didn’t really do any photo food journal since I was so busy, but there is text.  I am never too busy to log the food.


B:  eggs and veggies, Adora Disk

L:  Zen out with my mom.  Chili-Garlic Tiger Shrimp with tons of veggies, with greens instead of rice or noodles

S:  apple and pistachios

S: banana

D:  Noodless butternut squash lasagna, salad

S:  dark chocolate and almonds


B:  3/4 GF bar, Adora disc.  Ate other 1/4 after run.  Since i’m not eating oatmeal any more, trying to experiment.

S:  banana with almonds

L:  chicken fajita salad out in Salado while shopping

S:  buffalo jerky from Robertson’s in Salado

D:  tortilla chips, salsa, beef and chicken fajitas, veggies, tortilla soup at Dos Salsa’s in Georgetown

S:  GF morning glory muffin, dark chocolate, almonds


B:  banana, Adora disk

L: leftover fajitas with veggies, salad

S:  apple, pistachios

D:  Kona cobb salad

S:  2 GF morning glory muffin with coconut oil drizzle


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