Things I like Thursday: Straight from the source

Not a ton to update.  I’ve been way too overloaded with work, girl scouts, and other after-work projects to even think.  I did eat, so this food only.  How lazy am I?

Vegetarian friends, you may want to skip this one…

Wednesday’s food:

B: had to use up portabella mushrooms, so a variation of an omelette with eggs, broccoli, and mushrooms

S: DF latte and adora disc

L:  Blackened salmon salad.  Took my boss who is leaving out for a fancy lunch.  It was good, but I forgot to take a photo. 

S: veggies and hummus

WO:  I opted to go into work super early in the AM instead of gym.  BIG mistake.  I had to go after work and I could only get a stairmill, which was actually surprising.  I got a good workout, but not what i’d planned.

S:  apple

D: bacon wrapped venison medallions (seasoned with Penzey’s Galena Street).  Dan’s were stuffed with cheese and jalapeno.  Half of mine were just medallions, the other half were bacon and jalapeno.  Mine was over salad, his was with salad and garlic bread.

 I went with my dad in December and got that venison….myself.  Dad help me process it.  Wish I could go again but the season ends in a week and I am way too busy at work and with weekend stuff.

It was SOOO good.  Dan told me he wouldn’t eat it any way but fried and hated venison.  I changed his mind 🙂  In fact, I thought I hated it too, but I think I didn’t like the ways it was cooked.  I’ve used it 3-4 times lately and everything has turned out great.

S: dark chocolate and a few almonds

Thursday’s grub:

PW: almonds and apple

WO: weights

B1:  DF latte, adora disk

B2:  omelette with zucchini

L:  venison medallions made their final appearance.  There were only 3 left 😦  salad with EVOO and veggies

S:  hummus with carrots and celery

D: lemon-dill salmon with salad and lots of roasted veggies and EVOO

S:  dk chocolate, coconut, almonds


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