New rules of the work gym

I never learn.  The office gym is ALWAYS a bad idea.  It’s not crowded before work and I only use it when i’m running late (and can’t make it to Gold’s across the freeway).    I was running late on Tuesday, so I settled for the work gym.  BAD MELISSA!  There are no rules and it drives me nuts!  Here are the rules I am proposing…


  • The bathroom stall is for people using the gym.  It’s not your own secret stall to do your nastiness in. 
  • There are only 2 showers.  You cannot expect to reserve them before you workout.
  • The signs say don’t leave stuff overnight.  And please don’t leave it in there for months at a time, it stinks.
  • Keep your fashion comments to yourself when others are getting dressed.  I don’t care what you think about my sweater.  I do care that you are watching me like a hawk, it’s creepy.
  • If you are going to bring an IPOD into the gym, bring headphones too.  I don’t want to hear your crappy music.
  • Wear appropriate clothing.  Wearing your work clothes is just gross.
  • Wear appropriate shoes.  Wearing dress shoes is hard on the equipment and one day you will probably fall on your face.  I will laugh then.
  • Re-rack your weights.  It’s common courtesy and sense.  Really.  It’s not ok to leave stuff strewn all over the room.
  • When you move to another piece of cardio equipment, shut the treadmill off.  There is no reason to leave it running while you ride the bike.  Really.  I promise it’ll turn back on when you are done.
  • The weight bench is not a locker room bench.  Please don’t bring your briefcase and lunch into the gym and put it on the weight benches.

That’s just my starting list.  I may need more than 1 piece of paper.  Yes, i’m only joking, but that all really happens, every single time I go in there.  And I only ever see the same 2 people that early.  Makes your head hurt, doesn’t it?

FOOD for Tuesday

PW:  half apple, Adora disk, half serving pistachios

WO:  weights at work gym

B1:  omelette I made with those leftover stuffed mushrooms.  It rocked, although it wasn’t pretty.  Dan ate all of our eggs, so it’s whites until I go back to the store.

B2:  DF latte

L: tuna spud cakes (new recipe from magazine), salad with EVOO and cracked fresh pepper, raw veggies

The tuna-spud cakes were tuna and sweet potato which were pan grilled.  I guess they had potential but if I hadn’t added spices (recipe didnt call for any), they would have been super bland.  Not sure i’ll make them again.  I thought they’d also be a filling combo with the rest of my lunch, but they sadly were not. 

S:  half serving of pistachios, other half of apple

D: same as Monday (I recycled that photo).  Pulled pork, slaw, but this time with broccoli., carrots came later

S:  cooked carrots with cinnamon and coconut oil


4 thoughts on “New rules of the work gym

  1. LOL – I am SOOOO with you on re-racking the weights. This isn’t even the work gym mind you. Oh and the gym I do go to is located in a corporate building, so mostly used as a work gym I suppose. There are always people walking on the treadmill in work clothes. Really???

  2. seriously that was a pretty darn good list, the ipod always really drove me batty!!

    hope you are getting something out of the food journal! i’m amazed at how my habits drive me to eat!

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