Monday randomness

It seemed like everything about Monday was completely random and weird.  Twilight zone weird.

Slept in until 6 and then worked on catching up on email.  Next thing I knew, it was time to go to the gym for some cross-training, so I whipped up some quick egg-whites, ate that with my Adora disk and ran out the door. 

The gym was fine, not too crowded.  I went to the location in Round Rock, like I did last week, so I could run errands in that area.  While I was at the gym though, I spotted a co-worker, who I waved at and said hi.  No response.  Shunned!  Not sure if she didn’t see me or was ignoring me.  Not the first time i’ve seen her in public and that happened.  Weird.

The winner of the randomness for the day was at the Weight Watchers meeting.  It was a full house, which I expected, but it was a good meeting.  Before though, when I was waiting in line, a lady pulled up on a Segway.  Yes, she DROVE A SEGWAY TO WEIGHT WATCHERS!  I try not to judge people, but really?  No, she wasn’t a security guard in the shopping center and we weren’t in a tourist area.  She was a new member coming to join the meetings.  She parked that sucker as close as it would get to the front door and walked in.  My mind couldn’t help but think that a good first step would be to sell that thing and use a bike or maybe her own feet?

Went to Sprouts to get produce after my meeting.  Of the 4 produce aisles, 2 of them were bare.  Ugh, that didn’t make for a happy experience, but I was able to get what I needed.  I guess their shipping schedule was thrown off by the holidays?  I went the day after Christmas and it was fine.  Day after New Years Day, not so fine.

College football had a bunch of odd games.  I watched a little piece of several.   My attention span for watching football wasn’t good, which was fine, I had way too much other stuff to do.

Dan bought me some homepathic cedar drops from the hippie pharmacy.  I hope they work!  That was totally random but I am excited, because I am desperate for relief.

Also odd was my food for the day.  I know better than to skimp on breakfast.  Totally threw me off the rest of the day.  I was so hungry by mid-afternoon, that I broke into the pulled-pork (same recipe I posted last week, just pork this time). 

B:  egg whites, Adora disc

S:  banana

S:  raw veggies

L:  venison tenderloin medallions, roasted portabellas, sweet potato with coconut oil

S:  pulled pork

D:  pulled pork, slaw, cooked carrots, pickles

S:  apple with lactaid cottage cheese (I don’t think lactose free is really working either).  May be time to cut it all out again


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