The New Year


The last day of 2011 didn’t really go so swell.  I had to bail on my morning run because of cedar fever 😦  We went out to dinner and then to watch the Auburn game, then to see Hayes Carll.  I only made it through half of the Auburn game when I started have what I suspect was a gluten reaction to dinner.  The only thing I could think of was that it was some of the sauce I took from Dan’s food and put on my overcooked fish.

Dan brought me home, we finished the game, and then I went to bed, he went out.  Turns out the concert wasn’t that great either.  Bummer.


Every year that i’ve been a runner, i’ve run on New Year’s Day.  Nothing like starting the year off right!  First three years I did a 5K, last year I ran with June, this year I did a group run.  My sister was supposed to come too, but she texted and said she was sick.  I ran anyhow, even though the cedar was still bothering me.  Plus I’d signed up for Amanda’s Resolution Run challenge.

Did the Hill Country Running Company’s resolution run this morning.  They had routes of 2-12 miles.  I did 10 total (3 before the official 9 am start).  Good time and got to meet some peope i’d never met before.  Plus I found out the new Brooks Trance 11’s come out this month!!!

I had to rush home after errands, to ditch the clothes, take more meds, and get into the shower to wash all of the cedar pollen off.  Didn’t want to contaminate my house or myself even more.  Today was better with it, but still not pleasant.

Took down all of the Christmas decor.  Sad, but once I started, I could not wait to get it all down and put back into the closet! 


I also joined the Run to the Finish food journal challenge. 

I probably won’t remember to photograph everything, but the recording it here shouldn’t be hard, since i’ve journaled my food for the last 5 years (when I joined Weight Watchers). 

Today’s eats:

B:  brown rice, with 1T crushed almonds (not normal for me at all, but had leftover rice from last night, trying to calm my stomach from the gluten reaction)

S:  pineapple, honeydew, and canteloupe at the run party.

L:  Sautee bowl with chicken, mushrooms, mixed italian veggies and EVOO.  Adora calcium disk.

S:  pistachios and an orange

S:  mixed veggies and hummus

D:  baked pork loin chops, stuffed mushrooms, jalapeno black-eyed peas, salad

S:  dark chocolate and almonds

The mushrooms were a new recipe from the Whole Foods “Whole Deal” magazine from December.  I tried putting cheese on Dan’s to get him to eat them.  Nope, he ate one and that was it.  He says he can’t accept the texture.  Humpf!  I thought they were awesome.

Trying some new things in the next week, some for Dan, some while he’s gone.  Dan will be gone January 5-13, then I am gone Jan 13-15 and again Jan 17-19.  I may see him again before the end of the month, lol!


3 thoughts on “The New Year

    • I know, it was so fun last year!

      I hope the cedar goes away too. Or at least quits bothering me. I have a hard time with it every year, but that was the strongest reaction i’ve ever had and the earliest in the season. Dan bough me some homeopathic cedar fever drops, i’m trying those

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