Things I like Thursday: Slow-Cooker successes

I bought a new crock-pot right before Thanksgiving at Costco.  Finally.  The old one was small and had no handle.  I was shoving foil into the hole where the handle used to be, so the heat wouldn’t escape.  I had to use a fork to pick the lid up.  Super ghetto, I know.

I bought a shiny new black programmable version.  I didn’t realize just how big it was though!  Twice the size of my old one, oops!  Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it needs to be full to cook correctly, so that means cooking bigger quantities.  (maybe i’ll restock some of my freezer stash).

Needless to say, I love it.  I have used my crockpot more in the last month than I have in the last year!  Now that I have a programmable version, I can cook during the day.  Before I couldn’t, because I was gone for too many hours during the day.  Now, I can have to switch to warm when it’s done. (I haven’t tried cooking anything yet while i’ve been away). 

I made Caveman Chili a couple of weeks ago with venison.  It was awesome.  My parents both loved it as well.  Effortless and tasty.  It wasn’t pretty food, but it was good and easy.  I plan on making it again in the next few weeks. 

This was my first attempt EVER cooking Salmon.  I’ve always been scared of it for some reason.  I mostly just used the method in this recipe Jamaican Jerk SalmonI used Penzey’s Jamaican Jerk Seasoning I got in my stocking (which is good, but sadly not spicy).  It turned out really well!  Who knew?  Fish in the crockpot is easy and no smelly mess!  Served it with spinach and veggie skewers which were roasted in EVOO with more jerk seasoning.

Before the crock-pot:


Pulled Meat

Why am I calling it Pulled Meat?  Well funny.  I told my mom to ask my dad for a 2-3 pound pork shoulder.  (they have 2 freezers full of meat and other random food, I think they are food hoarders).  Plus my dad hunts, so there is often deer and pork.  I take the piece of meat he thawed for me, rubbed it the day before and put in the fridge.  Then cooked it on low 10 hours (my piece was half the size as what the recipe called for, but took 10 hours to cook).  Used Stubb’s BBQ sauce because it’s simple and Gluten Free.  Mom, dad, sister, and I were all raving about how it was SOOO good.  Best pulled pork ever.  My dad looked at me crazy and told me it was venison (communication breakdown I suppose).  Well heck, no wonder it was so lean and took longer to cook!  It was still very tasty and I will be making it again.

Big-Easy meatloaf was certainly not pretty food, so not pretty I deleted the photos.  It was awfully tasty though.  I didn’t have andouille, so I used hot italian sausage.  Super easy and I never would have thought to put a dish in the crockpot to cook something in.

I’m sure this won’t be the last of my crockpot adventures 😉


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