Or lack there of…

Last Thursday when I got to the gym, they announced they had to cut the electricity for 20 minutes.  I guess they expected most people to leave, all of the people doing cardio and spin class did.  I was lifting weights so I stuck around, you don’t need electricity for weights 😉  It was actually kind of nice for it to be mostly dark and workout.  They were turned back on, I got showered up and went to work.

Later that day (5 hrs later), I had my Endocrinologist appointment.  I was late leaving a meeting at work, so I was frantically rushing to get to the hospital.  I was so aggrevated, because I am never late!  Elevators out of service, so I had to run to the Main Wing, up the stairs, and back to the South Wing.  Good thing I’m in shape.  Guess what?  No power, just emergency lights.  They didn’t know I was late because the computers were down.  They also had no access to people’s files to call and cancel and reschedule appointments.  Or access to the electronic medical files to try to hold appointments.  I was told I could call back after Christmas and reschedule.  Unfortunately my Dr. has a long wait list.

She must have overheard me talking to the receptionist, because she came and got me and had an impromptu appointment with me with post-it notes in the hallway.  Hope that stuff actually makes it into my file.  She didn’t have my file or test results, so we just briefly chatted.  It was better than nothing, but I was really eager to see if she wanted to try more tests or had any ideas.  She did say, that at this point, she does not think it’s Cushing’s.

Later that day, the really sweet marathoner Rheumotoligst called to see how my appointment went with the Endo and get an update on what was going on.  Unfortunately I had no updates for him 😦

Fast forward to Christmas morning.  We didn’t have power from 7:30-11 am at my parents house.   I guess it went out right after I left for my hill run, I came home and my mom and sister were ready for their run, so I went with them.  My dad had to drive our turkey to a family friend’s house to continue cooking it.  Rediculous.  Even more crazy is they have power outages all of the time at their house, it’s so annoying.  The last 4 times i’ve been there, there has either been a water or electric outage or both!

I have no idea why electricity was such an issue last week, but I hope I don’t have that problem any more!  I guess I always take it for granted and don’t realize what all we need it for. (like getting back from running on Christmas and having to settle for a banana and almond butter because mom didn’t want me in the fridge which had been off for almost 2 hours).

Despite the minor inconveniences, it all worked out in the end with the power outages.  Now i’m just waiting for the Endo to call me back to tell me what to do next.  Hoping she transferred the notes to the computer after we met.  I WILL figure all of this out in 2012!


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