The gift of sisterhood

Saturday after I took a spin class, I met up with my sister and my BFF (aka Mrs. Educator of the year) for a girls day in Salado. 

While I was gone, I missed saying goodbye to Dan.  Ooops 😦  He left for Alabama on Saturday afternoon for 11 days.  He’ll be back for a few, then his annual ski trip, then a business trip.  Maybe I’ll see him in Feb?

This was my 2nd trip out there, it’s about 45 minutes away.  Don’t ask why i’d never been before September of this year.  It’s shopping and food fun (kind of like Gruene). 

We had lunch at Adelea’s on Main. I went in to read the menu first, because it’s a tea room, which almost always means tons of sandwiches.  Yes, they had those, but they also had GF bread!  I finally ended up being brave and trying my first Gluten Free sandwich at a restaurant.  It was stellar!  It also helped that the bread was some of the best i’ve ever had, GF or not!  It was grainy and seedy and I LOVED it.

I opted for the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Tandoori sandwich.  It was divine.  The bread comes from Serious Sourdough bakery in Lampassas.  They make GF and regular breads. 

Loved the place, I told Dan later that evening when he called, that we have to go out there one afternoon and have lunch there (he’s never been to Salado).

Then more shopping and us being goofballs.  Nothing like being silly in a really expensive boutique, lol.

What was supposed to be 10-2, turned into 10-4.  Oops!  What can I say?  We were having too much fun!

Saturday was just what I wanted.  No gifts, just fun with the girls and making memories 🙂


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