The best gift

Isn’t the kind that you put on a list or see under a tree…

If  you know me, you know I am not a big fan of Christmas gifts.  In fact, my whole family has scaled WAY back from what we used to do (think Oprah’s favorite things show, my mom used to go bonkers before my dad retired).  Now we keep it simple (we started in 2004).  I tried to promote no gifts or 1 family gift (because none of us need any more “stuff”), but that got shot down a long time ago.   So we still do gifts in the immediate family, but with price limits.

Dan and I for the last few years have done a small St. Nick, but not Christmas.  Instead, we’ve opted to make someone else’s holiday brighter.  This year we “adopted” a family through his company.  We had a great time buying for the kids (boy-5 and girl-10), really wish i’d taken photos.  Broke my heart that they wanted basic necessities like a warm hat, a baseball,  and clothes.  Hopefully they will enjoy the clothes, toys, and goodies we bought them.

We also usually do a really nice dinner date before he leaves for Alabama.  This year wasn’t so fancy and we weren’t alone.  We met a couple we know for dinner at Santa Rita, which is one of my favorite local trendy mexican restaurants.  We had a great time.  Good friends, good company, and some good news from them.  Makes my heart happy.

I do have 1 gift left to buy/do.  I’m going to try to head over to the Williamson County Humane Society this afternoon for their open house (and try not to cry, gosh it’s hard for me to be around shelters).  I’ve decided to sponsor a Kitty Kondo for the year.  If I can’t have any more pets (Dan’s verdict), then maybe I can help one I can’t adopt.

The best gifts are certainly the ones that help others and give you a happy feeling in your heart 🙂


2 thoughts on “The best gift

  1. thats a great gift! we do the same at our house. I like to buy coffee to sponsor a child in domica rep. or something like that. much more significant than stuff. agreed!

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