Things I like Thursday: girlie time

I can’t remember the last time my mom, sister, and I spent more than a day alone together….that was until Dallas Whiterock Half Marathon weekend.  The family time was the best part of the whole weekend and worth every mile, moment in the rain, and penny spent.

Our hotel was awesome, glad it opened on time, I’d been stuck before by a hotel promising a Grand Opening before a race and not being able to open.  This year I booked two and then when I confirmed Omni was completed and open, I dropped the other reservation.

I need a fireplace like this…

And a living room like this (I read blogs on that couch from 5-6 am on Saturday morning)…

And a mirror in the bathroom that has a tv inside of it…

My favorite part, because I am a dork…The hotel had recycling all over the place AND smart rooms that conserve power and electricity. 

As soon as we got into town, we hit the Flying Fish for awesome food.  Yes, the shrimp cocktail is good enough to hug.  Don’t be fooled by the decor, it’s in a really nice part of town and their food is stellar.

In fact, we had totally awesome food all weekend long.  Flying Fish on Friday for dinner, Cafe Brazil for lunch on Saturday, Urban Cafe on Saturday night, and then random stops for snacks/small meals on the way back to Austin.

We even got some pre-race running in the rain on Saturday night on the way to dinner.  We were so cold and wet when we got back, we took advantage of the great hotel robes while we waited our turn for the nice warm shower.

It was really a nice weekend just the three of us.  Trying to plan another for early next year 🙂   I have great hope there will be another race weekend, because Santa is bringing both of them new shoes per their request 😉


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