Voice to the FDA

I was shocked to find out that the United States is one of the only developed nations not to require the labeling of genetically engineered foods. Even China and Russia label them! Don’t you think we have a right to know what’s in our food?

It’s estimated that 60%-70% of processed foods likely contain some genetically engineered material. And the majority of the livestock that Americans consume have been raised on genetically engineered grains (like corn and soy). But without labels, we’d never know.

And after almost 20 years, genetically engineered crops have yet to deliver on promises of increased yield, drought tolerance, better nutrient use efficiency, or reduced need for pesticides, while credible health concerns linger.

That’s why I submitted a comment to the FDA demanding that genetically engineered foods be labeled. And with just a few clicks, you can join me! Will you tell the FDA that you support mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods too?


Please, click on that link and contact the FDA today. They need to hear from more people like you and me!



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